December 4th, 2010

We regret to announce that we have suspended our charter fishing operation for the upcoming 2010/2011 gamefishing season and will not be accepting any further charters.This position will be reviewed in October 2011.Our commitments in the Wairarapa on our new wilderness lodge ( Ko Te Kahu ) on the southern portion of Glenburn Station are such that we are unable to devote the required time to provide a full time service.We intend to do a few gamefishing trips in a private capacity only.Many thanks to all our previous clients over the last six years.Please keep an eye on our website  for an update next year

2010 Season Summary

May 12th, 2010

  Overall a poorer season on the East Coast with strong El Nino conditions and a large pool of cool green water persisting between Matakoa Pt in the eastern B.O.P. and Tolaga Bay on the east coast.Only one Blue Marlin and less than half a dozen Yellowfin Tuna were landed south of East Cape.However Glistening Waters still managed a good stike rate on Striped Marlin for the hours spent on the water.

Glistening Waters departed from Wellington in the second week of January in readiness for the first 4 day charter with Texan,Henry Robinson on the 18th of January.Given the nature of the season we travelled directly to Waihau Bay where our efforts were  rewarded with two large tag & release Striped Marlin ( est. 100kg & 120kg) and several other shots.Tired but happy after the trip through the night! These were among the first to be caught at Waihau for 2010 and Henry really wanted to catch his first marlin.Favoured by good weather this trip really illustrated the capability of our vessel in range and speed.

   Next on the agenda was the Bay Bonanza which was a non-event with only one day fishable and no marlin caught-the exact opposite to last year.

   The next 3 day charter-a combination game and charter affair was dogged with bad luck after heavy flooding in the east coast rivers had brought down much debris and we managed to hit a log and damage the starboard propellor.With speed limited to 8kts we secured a variety of bottom fish but were unable to locate any billfish.

   Next up was the Gisborne Marlin/Tuna tournament where we were successful with the winning tag & release marlin – still with our self imposed 8kt speed limit.

   The following 10 days were spent on the travel lift at the port of Gisborne while the prop shaft was checked and the propellor sent away for repair.10 days of prime February gamefishing out of the water but many thanks to the staff at Henleys in Auckland and MCannics in Gisborne for the quickest turnaround possible.

  The final charter on a vibration -free vessel with a group from Feilding led by Mark Feildsend caught and released their first marlin along with a range of bottom fish.This was the last marlin of the season to be caught out of Gisborne on the 10th of March.

   After a deferred charity trip for WONS with Jim Hight & family we departed for Wellington on April 2nd with guided hunting for Red Stag on our coastal Wairarapa Station already underway and the stags roaring well.


April 30th, 2009

All but one of our charters this season was successful with the unlucky trip comprising a mix of Hawkes Bay and Auckland anglers sandwiched in between to southery fronts 8 hours apart and airline schedules allowing only one days fishing.The 2009 season started with a hiss and a roar with a 209kg BLUE and ended magnificently with a 245kg BLUE MARLIN caught in the last 2 hours of a two day charter with american clients from Wyoming on March 10th.Both of these Blue marlin were caught within 2 hours travelling time from the port of Gisborne.In fact,we hooked and played four Blue’s during our brief stay in Gisborne without venturing north of Tolaga to the Blue Marlin mecca of Waihau Bay and Lottin Point.With our longest charters being only 3 days this year we were unable to fully utilize our long range capabilities and an excellent season for Blue Marlin was only partially realised.However, a good strike rate was still maintained with more than half a dozen striped marlin-unfortunately not all tagged or caught.

The 2009 season was characterized by a lack of YELLOWFIN TUNA and we were unable to emulate the success of the previous two seasons.Only 4 yellowfin were landed out of Gisborne this year however there was compensation for some lucky anglers with 8 or 9 BIGEYE TUNA landed during the Marlin/Tuna competition in mid February.In our opinion Gisborne  offers the best chance to catch large tuna ( Bigeye & Bluefin ) in the North Island.

Undoubtedly, the two Blue’s were the highlight of our season with the last one offering all the excitement that BLUE MARLIN are famous for.It came to the boat after 45mins,the leader was taken and instantly dumped by the leaderman as the fish launched into the air and immediately raced along the surface in a shower of spray ahead of the bow for at least 300m Quick thinking by the angler who backed off the drag as instructed and the release of the leader together with the teflon rubrail on the side of our vessel saved the day.An hour later we had the fish on the deck.

The vessel is now berthed in Welligton for some winter maintenance and survey.Hopefully, we will get a chance to revisit Eastcape and Lottin Point in 2010.There will be a discount on those charters who land/tag a BLUE MARLIN of $200 in the 2010 season


January 27th, 2009

Three days of fantastic weather at the BAY BONANZA fishing competition gave us the opportunity to start the 2009 gamefishing season with a great result for our first fishing trip since March 2008.With over 400 anglers competing we managed to land a 209kg Blue Marlin for Gisborne angler,Troy Mackey and win the top prize.Earlier in the second day we also hooked and lost a second Blue of similar size and coming back to port had a bite from a small stripey.This is probably the earliest a Blue Marlin has been landed out of Gisborne so it augers well for the remainder of the season which finishes for us on the 12th of March

Winter Is Here

August 19th, 2008

With the steep increase in diesel prices during the autumn and early winter we decided to leave our vessel GLISTENING WATERS in Gisborne rather than travel back down to Wellington as normal after the conclusion  of the gamefishing season at the end of March.The vessel will be slipped for survey in October in readiness for a start in December.This .coming year we plan to complete fishing charters by mid March 2009 so that will enable us to switch our attention  to guided hunting trips on our recently purchased coastal Wairarapa Station.It is our intention to provide a combination of excellent hunting and gamefishing oppotunities at discounted rates for those who may wish to enjoy both.Please enquire via the website feedback form for details on the hunting opportunities we will be offering in conjunction with masterguide Adrian Moody on 19,000 acres of Glenburn and Pukunui Station’s.Adrian has already booked a combination hunting/fishing excursion for American clients in March next year.Without doubt,we will be able to offer at Glenburn  the best combination of fishing and hunting in the Wairarapa in a remote and spectacular setting.


August 15th, 2008

15 March 2007

Contrary to most charter vessels we have had and are still having an outstanding season with YELLOWFIN TUNA.They were late to arrive with our first two y/fin of 51.90 & 45.25kg being caught in the last week of February near Tolaga Reef on the east coast of New Zealand.Several more were caught on our next charter with Tony Condon of Lake Paringa, Sth Westland catching one of 61.7kg near the Ranfurly Bank and Tim Rhodes of Gisborne catching one of 52.90kg near Tolaga

During the Gisborne Hunting & Fishing Tournament of the 10th & 11th of March we landed our best ever YELLOWFIN TUNA of 65.70kg and the largest caught out of Gisborne for some years, to Gisborne farmer Rob Faulkner.We arrived at the weigh station with 4 minutes to spare having travelled the last few miles at 29knots.Fast boats do come in handy for such occasions.On the previous day of the tournament we landed a triple strike of Y/Fin with the heaviest at 45.6kg going to John Osborne of Gisborne.This gave us first & third place with 2nd going to a Bigeye tuna of 63kg from the vessel Annabelle.Work commitments in the Wairarapa have prevented any further forays in search of these great gamefish since March 11th but we are hoping to do one more trip before the end of March as El Nino does seem to provide late seasons with larger fish. It truly is a wonderful priveledge to see big tuna crashing bait on the surface in this day and age when the tuna stocks in the Pacific are under immense pressure from long liners and purse seiners